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Jessica Bolda is wife and mother of two kids. She started designing jewelry 7 years ago while she was home with her small children and her husband was completing his degree. She was inspired by vintage items beautiful stones and started mixing elements to create very unique and eclectic pieces. People took notice to her designs and each year JJ Bolda Designs has continued to grow. Her designs are now sold in boutiques throughout the US and Canada.

It has become a family business. Jessica’s mother also a jewelry designer. They are able to share ideas and come up with new designs. Jessica’s father helps with cutting down metals like vintage silverware to create pendants. Each silverware piece requires cutting, grinding, buffing, and drilling. Jessica drills holes in each of the coins herself and even drills holes in some of her stones herself.

She spends countless hours looking for the elements that will go in her designs. She uses stones from around the world. She has even gone to the mines to pick out the stones directly from the source. She has a love for vintage coins and you can find coins from around the world in many of her pieces.

She also sources materials from other US artisans such as the handcrafted and oxidized wires. Chains come from as far as Italy. They are then sent to an artist in the US that oxidizes it for the perfect vintage look.

Jessica is always on the lookout for unusual things that could be used to create something truly special and unique. There is a story behind each piece.

Celebrities have also take notice. JJ Bolda Designs have been spotted on Selena Gomez, Christina Perri, Brando Eaton, members of Little Big Town, and Neon Trees. JJ Bolda Designs have also been seen on HGTV and at the Sundance film festival celebrity gifting lounges.