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Ammolite Necklace ,


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17.5 inch gold plate chain with lobster clasp.

Stunning Ammolite pendant with rainbow of colors surrounded by gold bezel with a sterling silver back. Pendant is 1.5 inches wide.

Ammolite is an Opal-like gemstone found in the Rocky Mountains. It is made of fossilized shells of ammonites. The shells create beautiful rainbows of color. These gemstones have a rich history and have been used in various cultures for their spectacular healing properties. Ammolites can bring good luck, prosperity, and financial abundance. It can soothe you in times of trouble and help calm a chaotic environment. It has been known to balance the mind and body, treat depression, and help with emotional growth. It can help one open up to completely loving and/or being completely loved. Shown above with Tourmaline ring and Double Diamond ring  

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