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Blue Opal Lines Necklace ,


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17 sterling silver chain with lobster clasp.

Blue Australian fire opal surrounded by a gold bezel and decorative sterling silver. Pendant is approximately 1 inch wide.

Opals are my personal favorite. They are magical and the colors make me feel calm and happy. Each stone is unique. They are magnificent gems that have amazing iridescent colors. They have been one of the most admired and sought-after gems for centuries. Opals can help you be more loving, compassionate, kind, and generous. Opals can help ease pain and sadness and provide you emotional support. It can help you work on letting go of past traumas. The energies of this stone can make you feel light and free and help you release pent-up emotions. It can help you to make important decisions and guide you towards success. Opals need to be cared for and shouldn’t be left in extreme temperatures. Over time the stones can become fragile. Moistening them with water can help prevent this.  

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